“Are you one of Americas most wanted?”

I can’t actually believe that I’ve really been there. Chicago. An awesome city, that scares, amazes and overwhelmes you and is just a great place to go to. We spend today there with German Club after we visited the Chicago Christkindlmarket which is a christmas market based on the one in Nuernberg. It smelled like home and a lot of the exhibitors were from places in Germany such as Plauen, Schoenwald and Stuttgart that are not far away from where I (used to) live. After we walked around the market we began to dicover Chicago which was quite exciting. We saw a lot of really tall buildings, Chicago’s rush hour, yellow cabs, scary streets, got to get to be asked questions by some random street musicians like the one above and didn’t really know where to go first. Tomorrow I’ll go there again and can’t wait for it. One’s for sure: More pictures are gonna come!

It’s one of the cities where you get lost really easily. It’s a huge city and it’s just awesome, but it can also be dangerous. I got so excited and did’t even realize that it was nearly negative 15 Grad Celsius. A great experience. There’s a lot to discover and you get to know a completely different part of America. Poor and rich live close together. You realize that when you see all the homeless people on Chicagos streets and on the other hand the rich ones that buy hats for 98$ at Macys. You start to ask yourselve why the world is so unjust and realize how good your own life though is.


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I take my chance…

Dank des Parlamentarischen Patenschafts Programms werde ich tatsächlich ein Jahr in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika verbringen. Hier könnt ihr alles rund um die Vorbereitungen meines Austauschjahres erfahren und ab August 2008 natürlich auch über mein Leben in den USA. Bilder gibts dann natürlich auch zu sehen. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Lesen und würde mich über Kommentare und Gästebucheinträge freuen!
December 2008
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