Six Flags Great America, Chicago

Fright Fest. You might not exactly know what that is, but I can tell it’s awesome. As Halloween comes up on October 31st, America is getting ready for this event with the opening of Hounting Houses and Fright Fests where you get scared and frightened and where people usually have a lot of fun. I went to one of those Fright Fests last Sunday with the Cultural Exchange Club of Hamilton, located in the Roller Coaster Park Six Flags Great America, Chicago. We had lots of fun riding all those roller caosters and enjoying the atmosphere of Halloween.

It was just awesome! We rode all of the thirteen Roller Coasters such as Vertical Velocity or Ragin Bull which was by far my favourite!



I experienced my first loops and I was quite suprised that it was so much fun! I now can understand why people can get addicted to Roller Coasters 😀 . 

It was such a great time we had there, even though we often had to wait more than 30 minutes to get on a ride, but the atmosphere of Disney that was created by Bugs Bunny and Goofie Figures relieved the waiting time. We certainly wanna go there again before I head home for Germany next year!



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I take my chance…

Dank des Parlamentarischen Patenschafts Programms werde ich tatsächlich ein Jahr in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika verbringen. Hier könnt ihr alles rund um die Vorbereitungen meines Austauschjahres erfahren und ab August 2008 natürlich auch über mein Leben in den USA. Bilder gibts dann natürlich auch zu sehen. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Lesen und würde mich über Kommentare und Gästebucheinträge freuen!
October 2008
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