Spirit Week at Hamilton…

It’s nearly unbelievable for german students to dress themselves in school coulours just because somebody determines a day as Spirit Day. Well…it’s unbelievable for american students that students in Germnay would hardly dress up for those days.

What is right, what is wrong? Nothing. Different Cultures, different attitude, different spirit. Spirit Week is a great experience for exchange students. At least it was a great experience for me. I think most of you can’t imagine how crazy american schools get during their spirit week and for all I’ve experienced american students have much more school spirit than german students do. Sprit week is the week before the Footballs Hoemcoming Game at american High Schools when the school determines the particular days certain spirit days.

Spirit Week at Hamilton High started at September 29 and ended up on October 3. Honestly I wished that week wouldn’t have ever end. The first day of Spirit Week was “Malibu Monday” where everybody in school was supposed to wear a beach outfit or at least sandals and shorts 😀 . But as it was the first spirit day it wasn’t suprising that people dressed hardly up. Even though some of them were wearing shorts and sandals and others had put their swimsuit over their clothes, the from me expected american spirit stood away. Well…the next day should be better.

It was! Tuesday was “Moviestarday” where people could all in all dress up as whatever they wanted to, but most of them tried to  be a Movietstar such as TV Detectives, Marylin Monroe or Sportstars.

On Tuesday was the first day where nearly all students of Hamilton went crazy as is was “CrazyDay”. Put a bunch of clothes together that doesn’t match and you’re good to participate in that day. You could even put 24 shirts over each other or dress up as a bee.

Thursday was “Rockstar Day” and some of Hamiltons Students transformed theirselves into Rockstars such as Nickelback or simply brought their blues harp to school.

Friday was the day that amazed me the most as the whole school was dressed in Black, Red and White as it was “Charger Pride Day”. It was a lot of spirit that the students and also the teachers showed during that day and the “Pep Rally” that prepared us for the Homecoming Football Game at the evening brought even more spirit in. Faces were painted and nearly everybody was wearing school clothes with the Hamiltonlogo.

The games that were played during lunch such as “Pie in the Face” or “araokee”made it even more fun to eb part of the school during this week. It was exciting to experience that different interpretation of school.


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Dank des Parlamentarischen Patenschafts Programms werde ich tatsächlich ein Jahr in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika verbringen. Hier könnt ihr alles rund um die Vorbereitungen meines Austauschjahres erfahren und ab August 2008 natürlich auch über mein Leben in den USA. Bilder gibts dann natürlich auch zu sehen. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Lesen und würde mich über Kommentare und Gästebucheinträge freuen!
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